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Dimension and shape
The files and rasps are characterized by their length (without the tang) in mm or in inches (1 inch = 2,54 cm). The dimensions of sections are listed besides the products pictures. As for the needle files, the fang is included in the length. The shape selection depends on the profile of the surfaces to work.
Cut type For the files
We use the simple cut for strong files to sharpen saws, knives, shears or chain saws. The cross cut allows to increase the quantity of material to remove. These files are designed for fitting. The finishing degree of the cut is measured in teeth per cm of length. The finishing is: Bastard for roughing cut (1), second cut (2) and smooth (3) for the finish.
For the rasps
The rasp stabbing is used to work soft materials like aluminium, lead, plastics or wood. The rasps finishing is measured in stabbing per cm2. The finishing is: Gross (1), medium (2) and fine (3).
For millled tooth Files
The milled teeth for files used for sheet metal surfacing in car body repair. The finishing is: gross and medium and are defined by their number of teeth per inch.
For needle Files
The needle files, designed for precision working have two types of dimensions: Dimension 0 = second cut – Dimension 2 = smooth These precision files are characterized by a large range of shapes.
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