Lewis Pins


MASONRY TOOLS:- LEWIS PINS (1/2 & 1 Tonne) A lifting device for blocks of masonry consisting of two cranked pins attached to a steel ring. The pins are inserted into a hole cut in the top bed of the stone and a hoist can then be used to lift the block without ropes or slings which have to be removed from underneath the block

All dimensions given are nominal. This particularly applies to those tools which are made by hand. We reserve the right to alter the specification of any products without notification.

All Lewis Pins are tested and come with a "Report of Thorough Examination"

A unique quality of steel allows the use of boucharde heads on a wide range of materials including - Concrete, Limestone, Marble and Granite
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Lewis Pins 1 Tonne image

Lewis Pins 1 Tonne

Lewis Pins


Lewis Pins 1/2 Tonne image

Lewis Pins 1/2 Tonne

Lewis Pins