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Since 1856 AURIOU have produced these tools with their balanced and ergonomically pleasing shapes. They have been part of the range, therefore, since the foundation of the company which was then called after the name of the founder DUNEAU. To this day the tools carry that name! The tools are often asked for by name by many faithful customers. These are the stone sculptor's tools!.
Many hand forging operations are necessary to obtain the octagonal section and the characteristic barrel shape. This shape, narrow head, wide bodied central part, and the tapered part between the blade and body, is essential. It is this which could make one forget these tools between the fingers and to drive and guide them perfectly. It is also this, and this alone, that gives a comfortable feel when holding the tools according to the traditional method, open handed, but the tool held under the ring finger and over the little finger. This method of holding contributes to the lessening of shock, better control and precision of the cut; and to the pleasure of achieving a desired work.
These same traditional methods of forging and the choice of extra fine steels allow the production of long tapered tools that do not vibrate!
Only a small deviation from the traditional tools has been taken; for some years now AURIOU have added some gouges to the collection.
These 'fire sharp' tools are made using an extremely fine grain high carbon steel. All tools are hand forged. The steel is never stamped into shape because this would damage the structure of the fibres; this is of prime importance if you want to produce a shock resistant tool. The excellent quality of the shank and cutting edges is a product of the heat treatment which is based on a combination of historic know-how and modern technology. The head of each tool is treated to prevent it from crushing, breaking or slpintering.
All the tools are barrel cleaned, this is done for two reasons. The first reason is a technical one: all signs of chemical deposits after the heat treatment are removed. The second reason is purely aesthetic: to obtain the typical base material appearance of the tools. All the blades of the tools are polished in order to improve their surface but also to sharpen them again because the heat treatment may have distorted the cutting edge.

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