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We are often asked if we supply sets of Stonemason tools so we are happy to have created 5 NEW sets holding the range of each style of chisel all in there own tool roll.
This set is for use on SOFT or HARD STONE

This set contains tools all made to the highest quality and all with a Tungsten Carbide Tip so that they will give pleasure in use for many years.

It is ideal as a GIFT if you are buying for a friend or relative who is a competent stone mason.

AKB - Mallet Head TCT Red Chisel Set

This set contains 7 of the Red style TCT stone mason chisels. These have a narrower shaft than the standard Blue chisels which makes them more comfortable for some users. The set comes with a TCT point for marking out and all in a 15 pocket canvas tool roll so there is ample space to add dummy, mallet and other tools. The chisels in the set are the following sizes, please note that these are hand made tools and so may vary slightly from the given dimensions.
1. 6mm Mallet Head Chisel (C06RT)
2. 12mm Mallet Head Chisel (C12RT)
3. 20mm Mallet Head Chisel (C20RT)
4. 25mm Mallet Head Chisel (C25RT)
5. 40mm Mallet Head Chisel (C40RT)
6. 50mm Mallet Head Chisel (C50RT)
7. Also a 16mm Octagonal TCT Point (5299)

8. Tool Roll (TR12P) – Shop  Free of Charge                                          

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