Respirators/Re-fill Cartridges

Respirators, Masks and Re-fill Cartridges

This Personal Protective Equipment is design to be used in specific enviroments. Please make sure you select the correct mask, respirator or re-fill cartridge for the required role.

Used for protection against Organic Vapours & Gases with a boiling point above 65 Deg C , Dust and a variety of Combination filters.

DISCLAIMER - Some dimensions may vary from actual product. We recommend you do not drill any fixing holes, or prepare the installation area in any way prior to size confirmation by us, or receipt of product. This is due to the fact we source many items internationally from various suppliers with various sizes. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and always endeavour to provide the customer with as much correct information about our products as possible prior to sale.

If you can not find the item you are looking for then e-mail us at [email protected]
Twin Filter Half Mask Respirator image

Twin Filter Half Mask Respirator

Twin Half Mask Respirator


Twin Filter Re-fill Cartridges image

Twin Filter Re-fill Cartridges

Twin Filter Re-fill Cartridges