Safety Products

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Products

 Anti-Slip Decking Strips 50mm Wide

 Decking strips come pre-drilled and supplied with decking screws.
 The strips are simply screw fixed onto exsisting timber boards and are ready to walk on immediately.

Decking Strip Specifications

 Width:- 50mm
 Length:- 1200mm
 Thickness:- 3mm (chamfered to 1mm)
 Colour:- Stone

 Anti-Slip Decking Strips are quick and easy solution for dealing with the slipissues associated with standard timber decking.

 To offer additonal safety, both leading edges of the profile have been designed with a chamfer.
 Available in lengths of 1200mm the product is perfect for the majority of decking areas and walkways.
 For areas wider than 1200mm simply lay the pieces together whilst leaving a small gap for expansion to achieve the required coverage.

 More bespoke styles and colours avaliable by special order for more details please contact our sales team on (01225) 425894

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