Dremel Mutli-Tool 4000 Kit

Dremel Digital 4000 Series with 4 Attachments and 65 Accessories in a Hard Plastic Case

This Dremel kit is the premium offer in the range
The high performance 4000 multitool comes in a practical carrying case
High power 175 Watt motor for high performance
Full variable speed control for maximum precision work
Unit Weight 0.66Kg

The kit contains 4 attachments
Flex Shaft for a smaller hand held unit for detail work
Line & Circle Cutter for cuttung precise straights and curves
Detailers Grip for more comfortable use
Shaping Paltform for sanding and grinding perfectly at 45 and 90 degrees

This kit also includes 65 accessories
407 Sanding Band and Mandrel 13mm Diameter 60 Grit
408 Sanding Bands 13mm Diameter 60 Grit Pack of 6
432 Sanding Bands 13mm Diameter 120 Grit Pack of 6
401 Mandrel Pack of 3
402 Mandrel Pack of 4
421 Polishing Compound
429 Felt Polishing Wheels 26mm Diameter Pack of 3
414 Felt Polishing Wheels 13mm Diameter Pack of 6
411 Sanding Discs 19mm Diameter 120 Grit Pack of 7
413 Sanding Discs 19mm Diameter 240mm Grit Pack of 7
932 Aluminium Oxide Grinding Stone 9.5mm Diameter Pack of 3
541 Aluminium Oxide Grinding Wheel 22.4mm Diameter Pack of 2
85422 Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel 19.8mm Diameter Pack of 1
404 Bristle Brush Cup Shaped Tip 13mm Diameter Pack of 1
191 High Speed Cutter Ball Shaped Tip Pack of 1
107 Engraving Cutter Ball Shaped Tip Pack of 3
420 Cut Off Wheel 24mm Diameter Pack of 20
150 Drill Bit Set (0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.8mm, 3.2mm)
SC402 Speed Clic Mandrel Pack of 1
SC456 Speed Clic Metal Cutting Wheels Pack of 5
561 Multipurpose Spiral Cutting Bits Pack of 3
511 Finishing Abrasive Buffs Pack of 2
560 Spiral Cutting Bit Pack of 1