Duck Oil Aerosol 500ml

Duck Oil Aerosol 500ml

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Duck Oil Aerosol 500ml


    Duck Oil Multi Purpose Service Spray
    Product Information
    Lubrictaes moving parts to reduce friction and dramatically improve effciency.
    Protects metal parts against rust for upto 12 months by forming a protective seal.
    Penetrates fine tolerances due to exceptionally low surface tension.
    Releases corroded and siezed parts.
    Lightly degreases as a simple and effective method for cleaning and protecting components.
    Silicone FREE making it ideal for use in paintshops.
    'Damp Starts' by waterproofing electrical systems.
    Compatible with a widerange of surfaces, including all metals, glass, paints and most plastic and rubbers.
    Low viscocity, silicone-free, firm forming, high flash point and is multi-functional. Aerosol Spray can Size: 500ml

    Do NOT spray onto hot surfacesApply by spraying, For heavily soiled parts, degrease first with an advanced formula degreaser.BR>
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