AC-90 Aerosol

AC-90 Liquid Maintenance Aerosol 415ml

Product Information
Lubricates - cleanly restores smooth silent operation for door hinges, locks, castors, drawer runners and curtain rails. Stops sticking, stops squeks.
Displaces moisture - corrects faults on damp vehicle ignition systems, simply spray AC-90 over the extetior of all distributor leads, spark plug leads and coil leads. Regulary apply AC-90 to keep your engine running smoothly. Suitable for electronic ignition systems.
Penetrates & Releases - Rapidly loosens rusted, corroded parts, seized nuts, bolts, cables and metal parts. De-scales taps and showers.
Cleans & Protects - removes dirt, grime, lime scale, crayon marks, chewing gum and adhesive. Leaves a clean protective film to protect against rust. Removes bloom from fridges, cookers and stainless steel sinks. Protects all metals from corrosion.
Does not conduct electricity

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