3 in 1 Oil

3 in 1 Multi-Purpose Oil
Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust. With the steel Flexican there is a directional spout so users can precisely direct the oil onto the target area, avoiding wastage and messy residue. Flexican can size 200ml.

Nip off the protecting oil seal from the end of the spout and use the captive cap for re-closure. The flexibility of the plastic spout enables you easy and direct appliction.

Contains Petroleum distillates. This product is NOT designed for cutting and tapping. Do NOT use near heat, sparks or flame.
Please Note - Due to distribution regulations, all orders for Harmful or Harzardous fluids, sprays, compounds will ONLY be shipped out by Carrier Service

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3 in 1 Oil Flexican 100ml image

3 in 1 Oil Flexican 100ml

3 in 1 Oil Flexican