Drilling, Cutting and Tapping Products

CT-90 is available in Aerosol Spray, Fluid or Compound

Applications -
Cutting and Tapping - CT-90 is a special fluid which will not break down under extreme pressure. A coating od CT-90 will allow swarf and cut chips of metal to be removed by the cutting tool with less friction. Less effort is therefore required to cut even the hardest metal. Cut surface finish is improved and cutting times are reduced.
CT-90 is suitable for both machine and hand operations and is particulary recommended for pipe work where the risk of thread wall deformation during cutting is reduced.

Drilling - Apply CT-90 during the drlling operation. CT-90 will increase drlling efficiency and prolong drill bit life.
Thread Cutting - Apply CT-90 to the die or tap prior to use and also during operation.
Hack Sawing - Apply to hacksaw blade before and during the sawing operation. CT-90 is suitable for use with Power and Hand saws.
Features -
CT-90 has been formulated to be suitable for all types of steel and ceramics, even high tensile steels. Due to the active nature of the product there is a risk of staining if the product is used on some yellow metals. CT-90 will NOT mix with water. CT-90 can be removed with all common industrial degreasers and solvent cleaners. ALWAYS wash hands after use. Do not put cleaning cloths contaminated with CT-90 into overall pockets or keep near skin. ALWAYS TAKE CARE NEAR MOVING PARTS
No silicones. Not suitable for yellow metals. No chlorinated solvents. High anti-weld features.

Please Note - Due to distribution regulations, all orders for Harmful or Harzardous fluids, sprays, compounds will ONLY be shipped out by Carrier Service
CT-90 For Drilling, Cutting and Tapping image

CT-90 For Drilling, Cutting and Tapping

CT-90 For Drilling, Cutting and Tapping