Nylon Aircrete Anchors

Aircrete Anchors GB8, GB10 and GB14 (Bag of 10)

Suitable for Aircrete fixings for facades and roof substructures in wood and metal, windows, doors, gratings, brackets, pipelines, suspended ceilings, cable trays, steel and timber constructions, sanitary elements etc.

This fixing is designed specially for use in aerated concrete (aircrete).
As a result of the spiral shaped outer ribs, the total diameter of the fixing achieves roughly double the core diameter or drilling diameter and thus provides favourable pressure distribution in the aircrete in the case of both shear and axial tension.
The fixing achieves its optimum load-bearing capacity only if the fischer safety screw is used. For fixing in the external situation (e.g. facades) or in moisture-proof rooms, safety screws made of stainless steel.

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Nylon Aircrete Anchor  image

Nylon Aircrete Anchor

Aircrete Anchor GB8 - GB14