Easy Flo Flux Powder 250g Tub

Easy Flo Flux Powder 250g Tub

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Easy Flo Flux Powder 250g Tub


    Easy-flo Flux Powder 250g Tub

    Commonly used with engineering materials (copper, brass, mild steel and stainless steel), but not aluminium.
    Easy-Flo special purpose fluxes are required when brazing aluminium bronze, certain grades of stainless steel, tungsten, molybdenum and tungsten carbide or where protracted heating is involved.
    Easy-Flo Flux Powder has excellent ‘hot rodding’ characteristics and adheres well to a warmed brazing rod allowing flux to be transferred to the joint area via the rod. This characteristic has made Easy-flo™ Flux Powder very popular in hand brazing operations where the time to produce a brazed component is crucial.

    Directions :-
    Flux powder should be mixed with water and a few drops of liquid detergent to form a thick paste. Paste should then be brushed onto the joint surfaces before assembly. Further flux should then be applied externally either side of the joint mouth.

    Hot Rodding is where a warm brazing rod is dipped into flux powder and the flux adhering to the rod is transferred to the joint area. This is an effective fluxing method but difficult to achieve good penetration of capillary joints. It can be used to supplement a pre-fluxed area during heating.

    It is good practice to mechanically clean and degrease the joint surface before applying flux. Heat slowly and evenly to the brazing temperature, without local overheating. Use the flux as a temperature guide - it will become clear or opaque as brazing temperature is approached. If blackening of the flux occurs this is often a sign of insufficient flux, overheating or flux exhaustion.

    The flux residues left after completion of the brazing operation are corrosive and should be removed. The residues for Easy-flo Flux Powder can easily be removed by soaking in hot water > 40C for between 15 and 30 minutes. Any remaining residues can then be brushed off in running water.

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