Gesipa Blind Rivets and Gun

Blind Rivets
GESIPA American Standard open-end blind rivets are economical to use, providing low costs and higher installation efficiency when compared to other fastening methods. Versatile
American Standard open-end blind rivets are available in three head styles: Dome, Large Flange and Countersunk, to satisfy your application requirements. Selection
Material choices include: Aluminum Rivet/Aluminum Mandrel, Aluminum Rivet/Steel Mandrel, Steel Rivet/Steel Mandrel, Stainless Rivet/Steel Mandrel and Stainless Rivet/Stainless Mandrel. Special finishes such as paint, anodized or non-standard plating are available and quoted upon request. Quality
GESIPA American Standard open-end blind rivets are made in accordance with IFI 114 standards for dimensional, material and mechanical and performance specifications. Sold in Boxes of 50 or 100
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Gesipa Blind Rivets RVT0 image

Gesipa Blind Rivets RVT0

Blind Rivets - Gesipa RVT0


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Gesipa Blind Rivets RVT00

Blind Rivets - Gesipa RVT00