Araldite Epoxy Precision Adhesives

Araldite Epoxy Precision Adhesives

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Araldite Epoxy Precision Adhesives


    Araldite Epoxy Precision Adhesives

    A super strong, long lasting, solvent free adhesive which is water resistant and can be painted or sanded.
    This pack contains 30ml of adhesive.

    Araldite Precision is Oil resistant, Extra strong, Repositionable for 2 hours, Fill uneven breaks, Cold resistant (-50 deg C minimum temp ), Heat resistant (65 deg C Maximum temp ), Good chmical resistance and Withstands rough handling.

    Metal, Wood, Masonry, Ceramics, Glass, most Plastics, Chipboard, Dry Concrete, Leather, Cardboard, Fabric and Rubber.

    Apply to both surfaces of the joint and assemble carefully. Keep the joint supported until set ( a rubber band or sticky tape is ideal ) - at least 6 hours at room temperature at least 4 hours at 60 deg C. Allow at least 16 hours befoe rough handling. Carefully remove any excess adhesive with a sharp knife before completely set.

    Do not use to repair or make items that will contain Food or Drink. Araldite is NOT suitable for bonding rear view mirrors to car window screens.

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